Hallelujah! It’s a miracle

So today’s rough recipe using my rye sourdough is a rustic bread. I made a half batch but still baked two loaves.


I am jumping for joy it wasn’t raw in the middle .On the first one I forgot to put some water on top.i did on the second one and it had more bubbles.The second one also had longer to proof.This has yeast and starter in it I won’t attempt to do bread with packet yeast.I used white spelt today and you can’t taste any hint of rye.

E voila .

Starter or non starter?The sourdough question.

I have decided to try to to do a sourdough starter as my stomach isn’t tolerating the Einkorn very well in big amounts.With my most recent bakes I had to use a little bit of pre mix and top up with spelt from bag.I am using another site as a reference called grants bakes https://grantbakes.com/spelt-sourdough-starter-complete-guide/

Day 1 I mixed flour and water on a 1:1 ratio

On day two I added a tablespoon of water and flour again but nothing happened.

On day 3 I added a grape and two tablespoons of water and flour.In the Paul Hollywood book the starter uses shredded apple I don’t have that on hand so I improvised.i have some tiny bubbles now .

day 3 still not much activity

Starter 2 day 1 wholemeal rye

Day 3 rye starter I am using 2 tablespoons of water and flour per feed

Day 5 Einkorn starter I stopped using white spelt as I am low on flour

The rye on the right is good but the Einkorn and white spelt not so much.When I googled starters it did say rye was the easier flour.
Day 6 and day4 the rye is doing really well, the other comes up and keeps dropping but it isn’t as big as the rye.The rye has lots of bubbles and they are visible from the side of the jar.
Side view . there is a piece of tape for where it rises to the Einkorn hasn’t managed to double yet from before it’s fed .

Day 9 and 7 the Einkorn still doesn’t pass the float test but there are lots of bubbles.the rye is good too.the Einkorn is finally doubling after I feed it.today I stead of two tablespoons I used 3 for each and i am am discarding half. I forgot to discard the rye Today So I will do it Tomorrow.

Freshly fed

I also used today’s discard for some roti, it was the most useful recipe I could find for today the others were not needed yet.

Day 11 and 9

They both truly stink it’s wonderful, they both double after they have been fed.I am feeding them 3 tablespoons a flour per feed.i am still trying to do them at the same time each day but it’s not quite working out that way.i feed one at night and one in the morning.i feed twice a day if I use it as I use about half of what I have in the jar.The Einkorn still doesn’t pass the float test but it still gave both my batches of flatbread a bit of tang so I don’t care(I made a batch today for fajitas). The float test is where you drop some starter in some water and it’s meant to float ,the chance would be a fine thing , I just get lots of bubbles in the water and it goes cloudY.

I am not fussed about the floating thing as I don’t make loaves of bread anyway.

So I stopped tracking and started using it in stuff.I discard straight into my garden too apparently it’s great for the stuff that live in soil.

Discard roti

So Instead of crying inside when I chuck my discard I’m using it for roti today

How to Make Soft Rotis with Sourdough Discard

I am using the Einkorn discard as i forgot to discard the rye.

So I left the dough in the fridge for a bit and you can’t tell I didn’t add a sachet of yeast.They fry up nice as well.I should have used a lot less water in the dough as it was hard to roll out. I put some of the dough back in the fridge for tomorrow.

E ecco .

P.s I had a little leftover

Rye and Einkorn batch with unused dough.

Cooking the book Paul Hollywood British baking

So I Borrowed a new couple of books .I wanted to try them out before I buy them second hand on eBay. I am currently on Paul Hollywood British baking. The book is great but I have about 20 recipes I want to try. Today I tried 3.

The First one I started was the isle of wight doughnuts , my fingers and toes are crossed for this one .


300g plain flour (mix of Einkorn and white spelt flour)

HaLf a teaspoon of salt

150ml of unsweetened soya milk

1 sachet of yeast

50g of honey

50g of vitalite

Mix flour, salt and sugar. Mix thoroughly then add yeast.Add butter and 120ml of milk.mix until a soft and sticky dough is formed .knead dough briefly on a floured surface until smooth.

Leave To rise for a hour I lost track of time for mine.when the dough has doubled knock it back and split it into 12 pieces.i oiled a tray and left it to rise again.

When they had risen I heated up a saucepan of oil until it bubbles.i added 4 at a time to the pan.when they had browned I flipped them.i drained them on some paper towels and covered them in brown sugar. E voila. This bake was nicer the day after I fried them .

Second small batch was dorset Apple cake which surprised me when it came out the oven.The mix was quite wet maybe because I used honey instead of sugar.This is nice ,needed way more apple though.


200g plain flour (Einkorn and spelt mix)

1 tspn baking powder

1/2 tspn cinnamon

100g vegan margarine

100g honey

2 Eating apples cored and thinly sliced

1 cooking apple cored and sliced

2 eggs

60ml milk

1 tspn sugar to coat the top before baking

Mix Baking powder,flour and cinnamon.add butter , mix until it resembles breadcrumbs.

Add sugar and apples.add eggs and milk.add to dry mix.Put mix in a tin I used a loaf tin.

Bake at gas mark 4 until the skewer comes out clean.

This Cake Was quite savory and I loved it so much I have a 2nd cake sitting in my freezer, I just added some raisins second time round.

Third small batch is Welsh gingerbread this is a cakey gingerbread, the book has a biscuit one too.The Original recipe had a much smaller serving size , I got 20 squares .I made this batch before Christmas by the way.They keep well ,I have them in a jar in the kitchen.I haven’t finished them because there is 32g of sugar per square .Safe to say I am going to tweak this recipe


350g flour (Einkorn and white spelt)

1tspn baking powder (to make self raising flour)

100g vitalite

150g sugar

50g black treacle

80g honey

150ml soya milk

3tspns ground ginger

Optional ginger preserve I bought it on a whim and use it in lots of things randomly.

Mix flour and ginger.Add vitalite and soft brown sugar.mix to breadcrumbs.

Heat Honey,black treacle and milk until melted.add to dry mix.

Then use a spatula and combine until all flour is mixed in.

Put mix in a lined tin.i used a brownie tin.

Bake At Gas mark 3 until a skewer comes out clean.I don’t know how long it takes.

Allow to cool then cut into portions.the gingerbread gets stickier the longer it’s left.

Store in a jar or tin .this is definitely a sharing recipe.

So That is my first bakes from the book I’ll be back. Happy new year to all.

Just to warn you……

So just a warning if you don’t like garlic this isn’t the one for you .Also if you don’t like chilli this is not the one .Today’s recipe is chilli and garlic bread. I was having soup today and usually I have garlic bread to dip in but instead I made some.


Khorasan flour 135g

white spelt flour 120g

Garlic cloves 5

2 red demon chillies

Honey 1tspn

Pinch oF Salt

sachet of yeast

So I mixed my dry ingredients.In a container I added some water crushed garlic and chilli.I used a hand blender and blitzed this up.

Then this water was added to the dry mix and mixed until a dough formed.I then sprayed with olive oil and covered it so it could prove. I didn’t time it this time just left it until it had risen a bit.

Then I knocked it back put it back in the bowl and went out quickly. I knocked it back again and split the dough into 6 pieces and shaped them into bagel.I put them on a oiled tray .I boiled each one for 30 seconds and let them drain in a sieve.

When they had all been boiled they were put on the oiled tray and baked at gas mark 7 for about 30 minutes. They should be left to cool before slicing but i was hungry I put some butter on when they were still steaming.

The Dough was not kneaded much due to the scoville rating on my chilli’s is at about 30000 To about 50000 so I am handling them as little as possible.Almost every chilli I planted this year was stupid hot apart from my purple beauties.

So that’s me for today .Ironically this recipe is probably great for scaring off vampires but that was not intentional,feel free to substitute what you like .

Pa pa ,dzien dobry ,laters

It’s soooooo fluffy

So today is vegan meringue , I made the aquafaba myself this time as I have dry chickpeas.last time they were a little sticky so I did a little research and found out they actually need drying time.


150ml aquafaba

40g caster sugar

Lemon juice

2 tspns Vanilla essence

Strong orange food colouring

Dr Oetker dark cocoa powder

  1. I took the aquafaba out the fridge and measured it.Then I cleaned a bowl again as it has to be free of grease. I added the aquafaba and a bit of lemon juice to the bowl.you can also use a pinch of salt or cream of tartar if you have it. As I have no real need for it I don’t buy it.
  2. I weighed out some caster sugar. I started to whisk the mix with a handheld electric whisk ,this is one of the times I pray for a stand mixer.it starts to foam up then gradually goes shiny and stops being so liquid in the bowl.it will eventually go stiff.to check I turn the bowl upside down.
  3. Then I add the the sugar a little at a time whilst mixing continuously.I line d a trap with baking paper and put some of the meringue mix on.
  4. Then I added a bit of orange food colouring and put on top of white mix and and combine. Little.
  5. With the remainder of the mix I added some cocoa powder vegan obviously.and mix with my spatula. This mix goes in a different tin.
  6. I preheated the oven to gas mark 6 for a bit and turn it down to gas mark 2 when I put the meringue in. It bake s for 1 1/2 -2 hours. It has to be let to dry out properly.

so it was all going so well but it dissolved in the oven so now I am on attempt 2 using unsalted liquid from a tin .It finally got hard after a lot of baking. 24 hours later…

so that’s all folks.

It’s a bread,it’s a cake?

So I finally got around to fruit bread the last time I tried it my bread overproofed and was awful.


1 sachet of yeast

2 teaspoons of honey

90g dark brown soft sugar

Wholemeal spelt flour 160g

Emmer flour 120g

white rye flour 260g

1 tspn stem ginger

red raisans 80g

Dry Cranberries 120g

Fresh apple 100g

2 tspns egg replacer

Spices : cinnamon,mixed spice ,ginger

1)I soaked out my fruit whilst I waited for the yeast to act. I put my spices ,butter and sugar in a separate bowl.

2) I weighed out my flour ,I mashed the butter sugar mix. I added the flour to the yeast and then the butter mix.

3)I mixed everything with my silicone pallets knife ,I added more flour in at this point because of the amount of fruit I had.

4)I got it into a sticky dough and had to add more flour to get it into a dough.I left it to proof, I don’t know how long for as it took a while to rise.

5) when it finally rose a bit I knocked it back and folded the fruit in .I added more flour at this point also but not a specific amount .I portioned it up and put it on two trays to proof again.i put it in the oven to proof it.

6) After the 2nd proof I baked them at gas mark 3 for about an hour. I don’t know how to actually check if these are ready as they didn’t go hard on top.

My verdict is that it tastes ok ,there is some spice missing but I can’t put my finger on it.I cover it in butter and are two ten minutes out of the oven.I really need to figure out how to proof with rye but I can’t find reasonably priced white spelt flour at the moment.

Oh put a hole in it!

So I have noticed the only thing I bake that doesn’t hang around is bagels .I proofed enough for 7 and only 6 made it to the oven.One had an accident after I boiled it down the side of the cooker .Today’s flour mix is spelt and a teeny amount of Khasoran the wholemeal stuff of course.I used white spelt because I made a bad bake with wholemeal the other day.I ate them while they were still warm with a truck load of vitalite.

So today’s recipe…….

honey (about a teaspoon I just turned my jar upside down to get the last bit out the jar)

1 sachet of yeast

white spelt flour 240g

wholemeal kamut/Khasoran flour 60g

A pinch of salt

1.I boiled the kettle and put an ice cube in my bowl.Then I added some hot water to it and checked the temperature with my finger(there is probably a better way to do it) .When I felt the temperature was right I added honey stirred until the water turned yellow.and added yeast.I added some more honey by eye just to make sure it bubbled up.I left the bowl alone .

2.In a separate container I mixed the flours.I added them a little at a time until a dough dough was formed.I didn’t use all the flour I kept a bit back .

3.I tipped it into the surface and kneaded it by hand .The dough is sticky so I added more flour to the dough as I kneaded.

4.When it started getting a little less sticky I shoved it in a bowl covered in spray olive oil and sprayed the top with more oil .I put cling film and a dish towel on top. I left it to prove for 40 minutes .

5.I knocked it back as it nearly filled the bowl and split it into 7 pieces.I rolled them on the surface into balls and as they were still quite oily slid my thumb through the middle for my bagel hole.Then they were out on a pizza pan and left to proof again.

6.When they had proofed up again ,I should have knocked each one out .I boiled some water in a pan and pulled up a timer .They were boiled on one side for 1 minute and the other 30 seconds, then they were left to drain and cool slightly.

7.I preheated the oven when I got to the last two bagels .As I take one out of the pan I put a new one in and put the strainer one on one of the trays.I sprayed the trays with more olive oil spray even though they are non stick.

8.Eventually they are baked at gas mark 7 for 25 minutes.I always flip them over to check they are not soggy .

After they are left to cool slightly, they are sliced open.I find it’s easier to do it when they’re warm as I freeze them usually.

As you can see one looks a bit weird ,they need to be knocked back after the second proof or they don’t puff up in the pan.The same one was also still wet on the bottom so it went back in the oven for a bit.

They taste beautiful

Boa comida

Follow the blueberry road

Another day ,another bake.I always crave sugar my fix today is blueberry cupcakes.Todays original recipe is jamie Oliver’s vegan cupcake recipe as usual with a slight alteration to the ingredients.


White spelt flour 100g

Khasoran wholemeal flour 80g

baking powder 1 tspn

Bicarb 1/2 tspn

120 ml vegetable oil

Sweetened soya milk 60ml

Vanilla soya yoghurt 30g

Vanilla extract 2 teaspoons

Blueberries 60g

Golden syrup 50g

Egg replacer 2 tspn

How to make them

Honey 50g

  1. Mix all wet ingredients and whisk until combined.
  2. I then added my egg replacer, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda.
  3. Gradually a bit at a time I add the flours I whisk as I go along.
  4. All you have to do now is put into cupcake cases and bake in a preheated oven.

I wanted white cake so I used white spelt but anything works in the old wheat family. I add egg replacer to everything even if it’s not called for. I switched out half the golden syrup for honey ,that is my normal sweetener but that’s just me.This is a half mix of the original recipe which for me made 12 cupcakes ,the full recipe should make 12 .This recipe may need more sugar but next time I’ll work it out.

Round and round

So I meant to upload a different post the other day but I just didn’t like my end product. Not every recipe works every time or tastes right I could still hear the yeast which I thought was iffy but anyway today is another day and today is donuts.I found this recipe a few weeks ago and couldn’t be bothered to open a litre of soya milk honestly.Ifancied donuts so I figured why not tonight.

So here’s the recipe that needs tweaking because the sugar is wrong. Mine are iced and I have not included this as I did it by eye.

50g vegan butter

120ml vanilla soya milk

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

250g of wholemeal spelt flour

1teaspoon baking powder

(2teaspoons xanthum gum) not essential

100g sugar ( I only used half of this)

1\2 teaspoon of salt ,(I skipped this)

Vanilla essence by eye

The original recipe comes from tasty co

1)The butter gets melted slowly then the milk and oil is added.

2) Mix dry ingredients and make a well.

3) Add wet mix and mix to a dough.

4) I weighed the dough and split it into 12 equal portions.

5)I used a cup cake tray to hold the doughnuts.

6) I heated up some oil.To shape the doughnuts I had to use a bit of flour.

7) They were fried for a few minutes each side then drained on paper.

8) This is a good time to roll them in sugar but I didn’t do this as I should have.

9) When they had cooled a bit I iced thema bit of icing sugar and some soya milk.

There was not enough sugar in them as the original recipe says to only add half the sugar I used dark brown soft sugar.They are way too savoury.I use my fitness Pal for the majority of my recipes it said the sugar is less than 1g so I count them as a fail . Each failure is a learning opportunity.

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing” Henry Ford