too fat for fashion : why can’t I be in a shop window

today for research reasons i went to shops looking at plus size ranges on the high street. it shocks me when I buy certain things the lack of choice. I’ve learnt a lot. firstly shops don’t want your money ,they would rather you go on line. secondly they don’t want to see you on their walls  forever 21 and new look have images blown up and put on the walls yet I didn’t see a size 16 women  plastered on any of the walls, didn’t even see a full mannequin in any store. Thirdly you really have to shop around if you’re younger because most brands are tailored to older people. Don’t think trendy think frumpy (ahem new look shoe box size section which i could barely find because it was hidden like a dirty secret) it’s also interesting what is considered as a plus size from brand to brand 14 in some (style 369)

Imageand size 18 in some cases(new look).I was also trying to find advertising for some brands I started at the  websites there is not a single image of a plus sized person on the new look site maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough. none of the clothes have bodies and the trend board has no people on it, I want to see the clothes on people no matter what size duh! maybe I just chose a couple of bad brands but this is what is local to me (Stratford Westfields). H&M , NEW LOOK, FOREVER 21.



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