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save the world vs the cheap option

This year i have learn’t a lot about natural dying just by watching other people doing it .i just wonder is the extra expense as a student worth the result. i joked the other day whilst eating fruit who needs cake when you can have fruit. fruit is a luxury . yet i have seen people dyeing with spices such as saffron,tumeric.using brazillian nuts beetroot and using more traditional fixers which relate more to early dyeing methods using metal based fixersImage. that is a whole lot of money but if you consider the side effects of fast fashion and my love for colour. water wastage and pollution I’ve dyed one piece this week 4 times using chemical dyes(see no evil). i can’t help but wonder how much damage am i doing to the environment because of my love of colour and we’re all guilty of it when we buy into fast fashion if it’s not white it’s dyed and bleached because cotton isn’t naturally white.ImageImage