passion for the imagination

so i love my e reader  , i think it’s the best 100 quid i ever spent but the cases are so boring.  i hate anything normal and overpriced , so i figure how hard can it be to make them. all you need is 2 pieces of fabric , elastic something to reinforce the case(bubble wrap or wadding maybe) and a bit of stitching.i have so much leftover fabric i may as well give it a try. i also found a really helpful article on how to do it at

……’s not as easy as it looks ,maybe it’s just i really did attempt to do this.i failed totally and i used card to reinforce it in the end a piece for each side as i found that when i made up my first toile it was too flimsy otherwise.second toile went ok , made the lining smaller than the outside and realised I need to invest in some decent fabric glue.i made one up in proper fabric some leftover mesh and appliqued some cotton. it was a disaster.

measuring for size

measuring for size

layers inside

layers inside

2013-09-02 19.48.51

plastic template

plastic template


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