so wots the 411?

Well last week  I  brought a Serger and after a hard of running round like a headless chicken today finally got it to work(it really is a miracle) still waiting on my paper instruction manual though.I can now make and finish things nicely (almost everything). Here’s the thing i threw myself in at the deep end and said to myself lets try some lycra (swimwear kind) spandex is a nightmare, i miss uni all that machinery at my disposal.



the last couple of weeks don’t know if I mentioned it but i started working (voluntarily)with handmade alliance a social enterprise company/group.I have made a cushion and two aprons i am so proud.i’m learning so much pattern cutting wise and sewing wise.I love hand sewing which if you looked at the previous blogs with the bags i messed around with. i love hand embroidery but at this point i really hate buttons.word of advice if you are surrounded by people who can’t see well enough to thread a needle on a sewing machine then they will probably hate sewing on buttons. Hence i am the ‘button lady’ at work because I am the only person wiling to rip them all off when i get told they are totally wrong and put them all on again.I’m surrounded by homeware at the moment .



I love the position i’m in right now so i’m not rolling around in any money whatsoever but i’m working in two fields i like , I get to work with children and i get to deal with textiles.unemployed doesn’t mean lazy , unemployed means determined , hard working and creative.


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