to the 80’s and back

so i went the back to the 80’s evening event with my friend, couldn’t refuse a free night out. there was a lot going on on the night and lots of fun was had.

on entering at about 7 there was a pop up show where you saw different styles dating back to the 80’s, there the whole Vivienne Westwood tartan thing, and some stuff that is currently trendy such as the highly unflattering striped bottoms and there was also edwardian. the guy in the black and white jumpsuit reminded me of someone i know.i couldn’t quite figure out the idea behind all the outfits but they were full circle.



on to the fashion  gallery ………..



this outfit is a v.w  and mclaren outfit made of some sub arctic weather wool there are 2 skirts  and the jacket was some animal fur you would never be cold in this.i skipped the outfit next to this purley because it was a john galiano. Image

So then i was off to the 60’s




diors ‘new look’ i remember in college when  i looked at this and it is easy to figure out why this was such an expensive look.

then i went to the 90’s/2000s



So me and my friend made our way to the pink flamingoes onto the dancefloor whilst waiting to get into the t shirt printing workshop we were grooving to sugar hill gang .we then got told they only had posters left so we switched lines anddanced some more. went into a workshop where we were given strips of fabric and told to do what we wanted.we could knot twist or sew anything.we could also customise gloves.



i made a flower out of some pleated fabric and twisted some fabric and stitched it for the inside and made a plaited band.




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