so a couple of years ago i made a play mat for my brother and my friends having a baby so i thought i’d try while my brother now 5 sits beside me telling me ‘you can’t draw a butterfly’ and then becomes amazed as i do draw one on photshop. i created this.i actually wanted to go with a slightly islamic theme but i just can’t figure it out.



so i didn’t end up going with this idea i went with the sea as i didn’t have enough green fabric .i am trying to do this project as cheaply as possible.i’m stuck at a point now though because i need a different sewing machine.

DSC_0759 DSC_0761 DSC_0760 DSC_0764



holiday spirit

70pattern2   patternpage3so i had a lot of quiet time over christmas  and watched a lot of tv. One show I like is kirstie allsops vintage show.i watched one where a couple wanted a 70’s theme. I used the wallpaper as a starting point. I also liked that they did basket weaving and hand quilting. I started drawing on photoshop with angled lines and just played with it.

collage1collage3these are a simple play on filters i took loads of photos for my third year of uni as in hundreds. so i took a few and merged them to create an image.