summer lovin’

I’m going to a naming ceremony in august and i have decided i want to go full 50’s .i have started making my dress, iwas told about a black dress code but in this heat it ain’t happenin’.purple belle

purple bele


hyperchondriac heaven aka the free from show

so i spent the last two days at the free from show.i’ve been 3 times now i love it.this year i got organised and made a list. a bit anal i know but i spent soooooo much money last year .i won’t be running out of bread in the next couple of months or pasta .what i forgot this year though was a suitcase , my shoulders are so sore from two days of heavy lifting.

i love the show because of all the tasters , can’t eat most of them but cake glorious cake. so i caved when i saw the miss cupcake stand , i love them to the point where every year on my birthday i go to get myself a cupcake i always drag myself to cold harbour lane in brixton.i like fria there stuff is amazing but it’s one of the many brands that can’t be brought in stores anywhere.

pudology is a slice of heaven chocolate pudding , it’s the same thing i got last year. i really like chocolate. my very first buy was a mint mini moo . if you don’t know what they are, they are a company called moo who do chocolate bars.the mint has only been around for about a year. there is another one coming up in liverpool.

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the free from show is intolerance heaven, but i would love to know why the supermarkets bother turning up . i went up to the tesco stand and asked the man what on the stand is vegan? if you have to go and check your list you shouldn’t be at the stand . if you can’t tell me a vegan option on your stand as a big supermarket you shouldn’t be doing free from food.the same goes for sainsburys also.i didn’t stop at asda this year as they are also a waste of time.

someone from a stand said this about the shops’they still think it’s a fad’ it’s insulting that my health is considered a is insulting that because you can’t be bothered to advertise your product therefore SELLING IT .twat in tesco told me they were having trouble selling some things, solution?ADVERTISE, SPECIAL OFFERS just like all the other stuff sold.

this year the show was combined with the v delicious and the back pain show. i got a little gizmo for my back that should come in handy. i also did some yoga at druyoga