So i haven’t done any embroidery for a while .I kind of need a reason to do it  not just because .Over the summer i went to the park and took some pictures and a few random sketches mostly useless.I sat down a few days ago and drew this from my rubbish sketches .My last piece took at least 6 months to do because of all the detail.I’m thinking the same for this one.I’m using some white mohairish (soft top)stuff i picked up in the clearance bin at cloth house(oxford st).I considered white work which is basically white on white but as the fabric already has texture i figured some colour would be nice.

so this project is impractical , i’ve drawn out the design on my backing and started.i’m using what i have already at the moment  ,so it’s slow going as this project is meant to be a couple of days in and here’s what i have

2016-01-16 12.45.48

i kind of altered my original drawing as i couldn’t make it work like on paper.i added and took away bits.As you can see a tiny bit of beading went out the window , i am gonna do some of the leaves in (plastic not glass)beads too.The idea was that this was going to end up as a bag but the beads are unwashable and the fabric i think is dry clean only so i don’t think that will work but will see how it takes shape over the months.