A spuddy suprise

A couple of weeks ago i was in oxford st ,i was aiming to get to wholefoods in soho but failed miserably.I was kinda hungry and didn’t eat at home.I have had some recent health complications so my dairy is severely limited , i was walking round randomly looking for somewhere safe i tuned down a street  and found a shop selling only jacket potatoes.I had to get an off the  menu  item but the reason i even went in was a sign that mentioned catering for vegans and vegetarians.They do sweet potatoes and normal potatoes cooked in oil.I couldn’t eat off the menu so i got a custom Thai chicken with a normal potato .I was a bit hesitant when coconut (yuk)was mentioned but it was undetectable.That was one of the best basic meals i have had in ages and I am defo going back  at some point.I must mention the shop is small barely any seating.I left with a smile not frustration .It is nice not to have to compromise for once.By the way the  place was the Potato Project : )

……………….in wondering round getting lost on route to Wholefoods I found a Nordic  Bakery that made my mouth water . I passed a ton of cake and dessert places even saw a gelato place .The bakery is somewhere in Soho  there is a sign that says Nordic Bakery.Nordic baking for someone that doesn’t know uses rye , spelt  and wholegrains , I found a book on it the other day and haven’t tried out the recipes yet.Anyway  back to the point i had some ginger biscuits covered in cocoa not chocolate it was dairy free.They were nice but i gave one to someone else as the eggs didn’t sit great.

In the end i ended up at a different wholefoods in Piccadily Circus.


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