vegfest 2016

So vegfest london has just passed by, normally i only do the free from show once a year but i figured why not.It was ok  but as a gluten free person not great food wise. got some really nice cake from baking bad , it made it home but i got icing all over the box which i got to lick off.I went for specific people pudology ,miss cupcake  and jasons. Pudology didn’t have an industrial vat of chocolate pudding so i gave it a miss i buy the tub they do samples out of and freeze it. Miss cupcake didn’t have a nice gluten free option as i am not a fan of coconut.for all those that don’t know who jasons is they do beauty and hair stuff i bought the two in one dandruff shampoo.

As i wondered round a few things caught my eye and i got to chat with the vendors who were lovely.The highlights for me were the nut people they make jewellry and sculptures out of a nut.

Second highlight baking bad i haven’t had icing that nice ever. Finally candles harpers bazzare candles  they smelt good enough to eat and put a smile on my face.I mean this literally from i love you but you smell to jaffa cake and bakewell tart.The candles scream christmas list.

Okay final point i am a chocaholic and there was a stand with novelty chocolate encrusted in  various flavours.that was great but it gets better there was also the option of things like game controllers, golden tickets , cameras and the best one by far as it is just the right amount of chocolate a record shaped disc of chocolate


there was so much to see…….


asian wedding show

So the asian wedding show is a mix of traditional and contemporary bridal wear.Today was the first day where there were actually exhibitors and shows.the day started off with indian fashion week , the first two collection were modern and simple.They had mix and match appeal you wear it for a special occasion but works just as well with a nice top or a pair of jeans and nice heels.this is the the second year running for me and i am really enjoying highlight today as the final piece for studio av which was a peacock embroidered cape studio AV.this little piece i found on twitter explains their collection. studio-av

their is a lot of embroidery but beautifully done.their twitter is studio AV not sure if they have a website .They are not uk based .

day 2

all things bridal ,the day started with traditional bridal same as yesterday.then some different indian fashion week designers.The first collection was monochrome with interesting panels and lines.the accessories were moons and stars.all in all a great day with tons of great print , beading, and great draping.The smallest detail can make a great outfit.Usually i am all about who’s who when i go to these events but i was so rushed at points just trying to get people dressed i didn’t find out.

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The final designer for today was rocky star he was at london fashion week.The collection was good and it was the most organised .The jewellery , own shoes to match the outfits and bag and all in one place.We were packed up so fast after the show.His twitter is @rockystarworld


bridal magic backstage

so last year i got to dress backstage at the National Asian wedding show in excel and i get to do it again this year.I said never again because it is manic at the bridal shows outfits that take ages to put on normally we have to put on in minutes plus jewelry and headpieces.But it is a fun day out shopping for wedding items everything under one roof.

a summer of fun

So summer term has ended and on a high.fingers crossed for me to be a TA come September and some training.

So i hate just sitting around at home .If i have the money and the time i volunteer.I was planning on doing camp with kith and kath.They run activities for people on the autistic spectrum some after school and a week of camp in the summer holidays.I say people because it is for the young and the old.i work with children and teenagers in schools usually  but it was oversubscribed with volunteers this year. Thats’ life folks!

On the northbank  victoria embankement park there was a program of events  and one of the events was the summer market.there were also food stalls and dancing.I worked at the three day market ,from sun up to sundown(7am to 9 pm).It was lovely meeting all the vendors and seeing so many  wish list items.

As you do when you you go these events unless you come prepared with loads of money you can only look sometimes.there was a huge amount of jewelry most of it not silver but nice anyway.There was a few food options although 6 quid for a burger because i can’t eat raw eggs or cheese never again.I spent 3 days watching people drinking pimms  and cider out of milk cartons (no drinking on the job ; ( ).there was everything but cake.My highlights were the tea people I eventually got the Moroccan mint but smelt every variety damn.I’m basic with tea mint or chamomile but was so tempted by the mint chocolate.They do loose leaf and tea bags@teapeopleltd .There were cider people there as well i  don’t drink average cider it has to be sweet so i got cranes@drinkcranes which is cranberry cider.i meant to take a photo but hey i was too busy drinking them at home.

Safe to say i will go next year as a volunteer and as a drinker oops shopper.I could have done my christmas shopping.i met so many nice people from the different businesses from the american guy telling me about his jeans that he makes the urban cowboy soon to come to the  lovely lady from dinkibelle who  let me have some nail wraps (i will take a pic as soon as i use them).The guy from savon with the  most amazing soap ,that i didn’t think i could use soap in my hair.The woman from ridley london who had amazing liberty silk print dresses .


here are sites for the cards i did pick up chains) (socks in a tin)

@teapeopleltd (twitter/insta)

@teapeople facebook

insta @cranesdrink


facebook cranesdrink


2016-07-29 13.42.21

ridley london


hyperchondriac heaven aka the free from show

so i spent the last two days at the free from show.i’ve been 3 times now i love it.this year i got organised and made a list. a bit anal i know but i spent soooooo much money last year .i won’t be running out of bread in the next couple of months or pasta .what i forgot this year though was a suitcase , my shoulders are so sore from two days of heavy lifting.

i love the show because of all the tasters , can’t eat most of them but cake glorious cake. so i caved when i saw the miss cupcake stand , i love them to the point where every year on my birthday i go to get myself a cupcake i always drag myself to cold harbour lane in brixton.i like fria there stuff is amazing but it’s one of the many brands that can’t be brought in stores anywhere.

pudology is a slice of heaven chocolate pudding , it’s the same thing i got last year. i really like chocolate. my very first buy was a mint mini moo . if you don’t know what they are, they are a company called moo who do chocolate bars.the mint has only been around for about a year. there is another one coming up in liverpool.

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the free from show is intolerance heaven, but i would love to know why the supermarkets bother turning up . i went up to the tesco stand and asked the man what on the stand is vegan? if you have to go and check your list you shouldn’t be at the stand . if you can’t tell me a vegan option on your stand as a big supermarket you shouldn’t be doing free from food.the same goes for sainsburys also.i didn’t stop at asda this year as they are also a waste of time.

someone from a stand said this about the shops’they still think it’s a fad’ it’s insulting that my health is considered a is insulting that because you can’t be bothered to advertise your product therefore SELLING IT .twat in tesco told me they were having trouble selling some things, solution?ADVERTISE, SPECIAL OFFERS just like all the other stuff sold.

this year the show was combined with the v delicious and the back pain show. i got a little gizmo for my back that should come in handy. i also did some yoga at druyoga

pop up

established since 2013 .I was in stratford westfields and happened to walk around outside on my way to pick up something and cam across a cool shop .The concept of the shop is to put creatives work out there.the store is filled with ceramic, fashion, jewellry and my second love to earrings of course……(pause for effect) handbags .I saw african print, denim in clutches and totes I have my eye on a cute white African print clutch but i hate buying things I can make.oh and of course the price………….. but the hard work that goes into the work value for money. They also plan to do workshops on Wednesdays in the future and one of the designers does sewing workshops in south London.

2013-07-29 22.52.16 2013-07-29 22.51.44