So i haven’t really done much creatively , i get bored easily  but randomly i sat down and did these.i have working in exams recently and the idea for symbols came to me.


so i’m going crazy bit by bit from being off from work so much recently. i’ve spent a lot of time silently fuming and to make matters worse I’ve lost one of my jobs but u kno crap happens.anyway so i figured lots of free time i could try finishing on of the many projects sitting in my i have been hand sewing for the last couple of days just to secure stuff down and make it look pretty.i also got round to finally figuring out my fish forgot to photograph them though.

DSC_0792 DSC_0791 DSC_0789 DSC_0786 DSC_0778 DSC_0776 DSC_0774 DSC_0772 DSC_0771

wish i’d just used this instead of doing my own fish

pop up

established since 2013 .I was in stratford westfields and happened to walk around outside on my way to pick up something and cam across a cool shop .The concept of the shop is to put creatives work out there.the store is filled with ceramic, fashion, jewellry and my second love to earrings of course……(pause for effect) handbags .I saw african print, denim in clutches and totes I have my eye on a cute white African print clutch but i hate buying things I can make.oh and of course the price………….. but the hard work that goes into the work value for money. They also plan to do workshops on Wednesdays in the future and one of the designers does sewing workshops in south London.

2013-07-29 22.52.16 2013-07-29 22.51.44