A spuddy suprise

A couple of weeks ago i was in oxford st ,i was aiming to get to wholefoods in soho but failed miserably.I was kinda hungry and didn’t eat at home.I have had some recent health complications so my dairy is severely limited , i was walking round randomly looking for somewhere safe i tuned down a street  and found a shop selling only jacket potatoes.I had to get an off the  menu  item but the reason i even went in was a sign that mentioned catering for vegans and vegetarians.They do sweet potatoes and normal potatoes cooked in oil.I couldn’t eat off the menu so i got a custom Thai chicken with a normal potato .I was a bit hesitant when coconut (yuk)was mentioned but it was undetectable.That was one of the best basic meals i have had in ages and I am defo going back  at some point.I must mention the shop is small barely any seating.I left with a smile not frustration .It is nice not to have to compromise for once.By the way the  place was the Potato Project : )

……………….in wondering round getting lost on route to Wholefoods I found a Nordic  Bakery that made my mouth water . I passed a ton of cake and dessert places even saw a gelato place .The bakery is somewhere in Soho  there is a sign that says Nordic Bakery.Nordic baking for someone that doesn’t know uses rye , spelt  and wholegrains , I found a book on it the other day and haven’t tried out the recipes yet.Anyway  back to the point i had some ginger biscuits covered in cocoa not chocolate it was dairy free.They were nice but i gave one to someone else as the eggs didn’t sit great.

In the end i ended up at a different wholefoods in Piccadily Circus.


So yesterday was the Asian Wedding Exhibition in Meridian Grand.I worked backstage where all the action is .I got to look at all the latest designer offerings.Needless to say when i  got up today i hurt a bit.It  was a lot of fun .The final designer Impressions was amazing for the second show especially when you have only seen the clothes backstage ,on the runway they look so much better.There were some of the designers from previous years but some new ones, for example our backstage tailor Minoj  the spelling may not be right had his own line that was very easy to put on the models.Asian bridal is beautiful  but heavy.(picture strong man arms ).anyway it was a long but great day.

The venue was meridian hall  which is beautiful , the entrance is dramatic with two massive staircases.it is a beautiful place that was perfect for the event.  http://www.meridiangrand.co.uk

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my favourite runaway shot as i dressed both models the lengha and dress are by impresions.

some designers for the day

Bibi london www.bibilondon.com/


Lisha k

style rooms



guess who?

So a take on pop culture these are very edited images of well known people some work better than others but my aim was to make images that were unrecognisable. This is something i did a couple of years back in black n white.usually i use important people (people that have done something to make a change in the world  or represent something  relevant culturally). I am not sure what would work in an actual print.


bridal magic backstage

so last year i got to dress backstage at the National Asian wedding show in excel and i get to do it again this year.I said never again because it is manic at the bridal shows outfits that take ages to put on normally we have to put on in minutes plus jewelry and headpieces.But it is a fun day out shopping for wedding items everything under one roof.


a summer of fun

So summer term has ended and on a high.fingers crossed for me to be a TA come September and some training.

So i hate just sitting around at home .If i have the money and the time i volunteer.I was planning on doing camp with kith and kath.They run activities for people on the autistic spectrum some after school and a week of camp in the summer holidays.I say people because it is for the young and the old.i work with children and teenagers in schools usually  but it was oversubscribed with volunteers this year. Thats’ life folks!


On the northbank  victoria embankement park there was a program of events  and one of the events was the summer market.there were also food stalls and dancing.I worked at the three day market ,from sun up to sundown(7am to 9 pm).It was lovely meeting all the vendors and seeing so many  wish list items.

As you do when you you go these events unless you come prepared with loads of money you can only look sometimes.there was a huge amount of jewelry most of it not silver but nice anyway.There was a few food options although 6 quid for a burger because i can’t eat raw eggs or cheese never again.I spent 3 days watching people drinking pimms  and cider out of milk cartons (no drinking on the job ; ( ).there was everything but cake.My highlights were the tea people I eventually got the Moroccan mint but smelt every variety damn.I’m basic with tea mint or chamomile but was so tempted by the mint chocolate.They do loose leaf and tea bags@teapeopleltd .There were cider people there as well i  don’t drink average cider it has to be sweet so i got cranes@drinkcranes which is cranberry cider.i meant to take a photo but hey i was too busy drinking them at home.

Safe to say i will go next year as a volunteer and as a drinker oops shopper.I could have done my christmas shopping.i met so many nice people from the different businesses from the american guy telling me about his jeans that he makes the urban cowboy soon to come to the  lovely lady from dinkibelle who  let me have some nail wraps (i will take a pic as soon as i use them).The guy from savon with the  most amazing soap ,that i didn’t think i could use soap in my hair.The woman from ridley london who had amazing liberty silk print dresses .


here are sites for the cards i did pick up



lizzychamber.com(glass chains)

www.jolliesocks.com (socks in a tin)


@teapeopleltd (twitter/insta)

@teapeople facebook


insta @cranesdrink


facebook cranesdrink



2016-07-29 13.42.21

ridley london


So i haven’t done any embroidery for a while .I kind of need a reason to do it  not just because .Over the summer i went to the park and took some pictures and a few random sketches mostly useless.I sat down a few days ago and drew this from my rubbish sketches .My last piece took at least 6 months to do because of all the detail.I’m thinking the same for this one.I’m using some white mohairish (soft top)stuff i picked up in the clearance bin at cloth house(oxford st).I considered white work which is basically white on white but as the fabric already has texture i figured some colour would be nice.

so this project is impractical , i’ve drawn out the design on my backing and started.i’m using what i have already at the moment  ,so it’s slow going as this project is meant to be pastels.so a couple of days in and here’s what i have

2016-01-16 12.45.48

i kind of altered my original drawing as i couldn’t make it work like on paper.i added and took away bits.As you can see a tiny bit of beading went out the window , i am gonna do some of the leaves in (plastic not glass)beads too.The idea was that this was going to end up as a bag but the beads are unwashable and the fabric i think is dry clean only so i don’t think that will work but will see how it takes shape over the months.


Ho ho ho !

So christmas is round the corner and I may just  give it a miss.anyway recently I have been to a few interviews and one was at clue quest and the other at Snaak .Two cool companies.




Cluequest is great ,not cheap but a lot of fun.When i looked them up i was instantly reminded of something but i’ll get back to that .The concept is that you are put in a room and have to figure out how to get out.You are immersed in another world from the moment you enter clue quest hq  near kings cross  station.there is a backstory to each mission and your go to person sells it, whilst there i heard someone really selling the story.If anyone remembers the big bang episode where they solve the room in  about 10 minutes.This isn’t possible and the staff have all tried it when they had the answers.The concept is highly entertaining  and they do vouchers so you can gift them.Be prepared to pay a bit of money though.so that’s the grown up fun



So yesterday I was at Snaak  , the company is a kick starter backed company that was started in 2004.They make mind benders some of the shapes are truly awesome.The Snaak  interlocks in lots of different ways so there are lots of possible shapes combos.There are a variety of colors  also the coolest one i saw was the glowing one.They ship all over the world  but at the moment it is all manual production .they are would make a great gift as it is great family entertainment .It is one of those things you would pass around at Christmas  your aunt, your uncle, brother , sister and cousin would have a go .Luckily they come in singles or multi packs.check the site for more info or to buy.


so that’s all folks bye


I want it!

So after an interview the other day i casually wondered into debenhams .My fave brand is house of holland/H and i love the bags this season .I love them all the eyes are sooooooo cute : ) they may have to make it on my after christmas list when the sales are on .I also like the fur lined stuff , especially the printed tops but i can never spend that much on clothing.




this is the one i want .

“a budget tells us what we can’t afford , but it doesn’t keep us from buying it”  william  feather

armistice day 11/11

so once a year we remember those that fought in world war 1 and more recently people fighting modern in the modern day.i have no issue with the idea it’s just that i feel that the media coverage is narrow. i won’t buy a poppy because i don’t  feel it represents me  what about all the ethnic minorities that fought and are fighting now. war isn’t one colour so why is it shown like that in the media? when i see a historical photo showing some ethnic minority soldiers  maybe my view will change. I want to see the carribean people  that fought in the war.children are shown images and told about the war but never told the role people from their own background have played.