vegfest 2016

So vegfest london has just passed by, normally i only do the free from show once a year but i figured why not.It was ok  but as a gluten free person not great food wise. got some really nice cake from baking bad , it made it home but i got icing all over the box which i got to lick off.I went for specific people pudology ,miss cupcake  and jasons. Pudology didn’t have an industrial vat of chocolate pudding so i gave it a miss i buy the tub they do samples out of and freeze it. Miss cupcake didn’t have a nice gluten free option as i am not a fan of coconut.for all those that don’t know who jasons is they do beauty and hair stuff i bought the two in one dandruff shampoo.

As i wondered round a few things caught my eye and i got to chat with the vendors who were lovely.The highlights for me were the nut people they make jewellry and sculptures out of a nut.

Second highlight baking bad i haven’t had icing that nice ever. Finally candles harpers bazzare candles  they smelt good enough to eat and put a smile on my face.I mean this literally from i love you but you smell to jaffa cake and bakewell tart.The candles scream christmas list.

Okay final point i am a chocaholic and there was a stand with novelty chocolate encrusted in  various flavours.that was great but it gets better there was also the option of things like game controllers, golden tickets , cameras and the best one by far as it is just the right amount of chocolate a record shaped disc of chocolate


there was so much to see…….


Ho ho ho !

So christmas is round the corner and I may just  give it a miss.anyway recently I have been to a few interviews and one was at clue quest and the other at Snaak .Two cool companies.




Cluequest is great ,not cheap but a lot of fun.When i looked them up i was instantly reminded of something but i’ll get back to that .The concept is that you are put in a room and have to figure out how to get out.You are immersed in another world from the moment you enter clue quest hq  near kings cross  station.there is a backstory to each mission and your go to person sells it, whilst there i heard someone really selling the story.If anyone remembers the big bang episode where they solve the room in  about 10 minutes.This isn’t possible and the staff have all tried it when they had the answers.The concept is highly entertaining  and they do vouchers so you can gift them.Be prepared to pay a bit of money that’s the grown up fun


So yesterday I was at Snaak  , the company is a kick starter backed company that was started in 2004.They make mind benders some of the shapes are truly awesome.The Snaak  interlocks in lots of different ways so there are lots of possible shapes combos.There are a variety of colors  also the coolest one i saw was the glowing one.They ship all over the world  but at the moment it is all manual production .they are would make a great gift as it is great family entertainment .It is one of those things you would pass around at Christmas  your aunt, your uncle, brother , sister and cousin would have a go .Luckily they come in singles or multi packs.check the site for more info or to buy.

so that’s all folks bye